Replacements HQ

Who are we, what do we do and why?

“Replacements” are a group of living history enthusiasts from Holland, Belgium and Germany, brought together by a common interest in Military life during World War 2.

All of us are ordinary men with ordinary jobs and other occupation, but during events we turn into a real “Band of Brothers”.  Our group does not own any vehicles; we all rely on our boots. Yet some of us are qualified parachutists...

Our goal is to try recreate the conditions at the front line during WW2 at re-enactment events, by setting up displays with (mostly original) equipment and uniforms, We feel it's our duty to remember the generation that gave their all for the liberation of Europe. 

"Proud to wear the uniform, in honor of our Liberators"

On this website we want to share our enthusiasm and photos with all other living history enthusiasts. Please do not hesitate to comment on, or inquire about our passion.

In our memory

Joseph Montgomery

War Cemetery Brunssum

Owen Owen Jr.

US Military Cemetery Margraten

Charles Hunton

Holy Cross Cemetery Akron, OH